My Reasons for a revised project…

After spending several weeks outlining plans for a unique assignment 2 project, the actual start of production became problematic. To develop a Facebook application with PHP, it was required that my computer had PHP installed along side a running server (Apache) – The process of setting these up is where the problems began!

My personal laptop runs with Windows Vista, which as a relatively new system (as I have now found out) is difficult to work with, in the sense that there is little information to assist with the installation process of Apache and PHP compared with older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP. So when it became apparent to me that Apache was not running properly on my system, and which consequently halted my installation of PHP, it became difficult to locate a resolution for this problem.

As the weeks were passing by, and many attempts were made to have everything up and running correctly (even for example trying the idea of using an emulator for an older version of windows) I realised for this project, I was simply not going to have enough time now to make a sufficient attempt at developing such a project. However I still feel the project has a lot of potential, and is one that I shall look to take on in the future when time is not so short, and when there is perhaps more in formation about Windows Vista and PHP together, available.

When reflecting on all of the pre-production work in which I carried out for this project, it would seem silly not to proceed with the idea at a later and more appropriate time; as much of this outlines great benefits from developing such work.

So at the start of December I was faced with the problem of creating a new project for myself, and one that I could complete within the short time I had remaining…approximately 6 weeks.

I have briefly outlined this new project in the blog entitled ‘Proposal – Revised.’ 

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  1. Alex Said:

    You can save a lot of time and install Apache, PHP, MySQL together in just a few clicks. There is a great comparison of WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) packages:
    Some of them are very simple. For example, using (my favourite) you can install Apache, MySQL and PHP in just one click.

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