New Employable Skills

During my research and development process I identified a number of skills I believe would be most relevant to have to work in the new media sector of the industry, I wanted to use this module to try and improve upon these.Whilst talking to media professionals it became apparent that it was being able to use Flash was a skill that they looked highly upon.


This module has enabled once again to use Flash, but also I have learnt about how to move around Flash, how to export and import into flash. In previous module I had been designing every thing on the flash player, by using Photoshop in my television studio module; I have become more equipped on this program and thus have designed all the background and images in photoshop and have then exported them.  


This is one area I lack, in previous projects and assignment I have been most disappointed with, I lack the ability to create and then use any design ideas I come up with. This time I was determined to make sure that I use not only flash but incorporated the other design programs I could use into making this prototype; making my prototype look more professional and exciting to look at.             


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