Although I left my self short of time to test the prototype through the Pocket PC itself I am as near on completion to the final product as I will be without the rest of the information needed so I decided to get the band themselves to test the prototype. I asked them to look at the design style, layout, content and general usability. I needed them to tell me of any errors, any mistakes and any thing they didn’t like about the prototype. This then gave me some kind of idea of what the rest of the target audience thought. The feedback was as follows: 


§         The band liked the way that I incorporated their “fat man” poster into the prototype as this is recognised by many of the fans as their main advertising image.

§         The colour and use of brushes was deemed to be creative, but in some places a little over the top.

§         The mixture of colours was good, by taking a hint of green and yellow out of the “fat man” poster and incorporating this into a new and different style.


:§         Easy to use and follow.

§         All links worked properly apart from the loading page and error at the beginning

.§         They liked that it didn’t have the same layout as every other website and that I referred to and had a link to their popular MySpace page.


§         The news and tour dates’ section needs to be updated with up to date information and needs to be bulked out.

§         Like the idea of the video section – now need to gain permission from manager to use their video not the one that is in place at the moment.

§         Didn’t like the idea of the image place holder page; thought it looked too cramped and so told me to take this off (appendix one).

§         The idea of the play list would work well as it would offer an other area where people can listen to their music, but once again permission is needed from management team.Although I didn’t test the prototype through the medium it will be broadcast from, this form of testing has enabled me to change a few bits of the design, layout and content, which will inevitably make the prototype better: 

  • I have taken away the image place holder page; although I thought this idea was a good way of showing off the bands photos in a not so conventional gallery style show, they thought it looked untidy and the thumb nails weren’t even big enough to see what the user was clicking on, therefore this page has been removed.

  • I have improved some of the designs, I have taken away a few brush strokes and made the writing a different colour to the green effects, making both stand out from each other.


  • I have attempted to improve upon the play list section but have been unsuccessful with the coding; if I had left my self more time after the testing period I would have been able to improve this vital section of my prototype.

  • I have also attempting to make the random movement on the loading page jump to the home page, but as of yet I am also unsuccessful in working this code out.

If I would have left myself enough time to test my prototype on the Pocket PC I would have been able to:

  • Even though I researched the Pocket PC, testing would have enabled me to see whether the conventional size fits all models.

  • I would have been able to see whether there is enough storage to upload videos and play music.

  • Would have been able to test the accessibility of my links.

  • Test the functionality of the website itself.

  • Get user from forums on the Internet to test the prototype and give feedback from a anonymous source.


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