Critical Evaluation of my prototype


My initial idea for this project was to produce a website for the band “Monday Street”; this idea developed through looking at new and innovative ideas that were becoming top hits in the new media sector of the Industry; it was the idea of the “Mobile Content” that caught my eye.

 The idea was to use produce an application that could be used on the phone for Sony Ericsson W810i, it would be a website for the band, and would be able to be viewed through the Internet browser on this phone. 

After researching and pitching my idea I got going with the designs and was making some good progress until I decided to test my idea using my using my Dads mobile which was the Sony Ericsson W810i. I was also getting my friend Sarah to test on her phone, giving an un biased upon of the idea, the design and so forth. It wasn’t until I was about to set up my prototype for testing that I realised there were two major things I had forgotten about; one being the ability of the user to scan through to other pages by clicking on the links, and then also the ability for each user of this phone to be able to connect to the Internet; both these problems made my prototype incompatible with Sony Ericsson W810i. 

It was from this that I radically decided to change my prototype, scrapping all my previous work and producing the prototype for a Pocket PC user.  I researched into the Pocket PC, the screen sizes, what version of Flash I needed to use and so fourth, I then quickly designed and continued to attempt to put together my prototype in time for the deadline.             

  Major Errors with my prototype 

The Loading Page

As I wanted to add some advanced script into my work, I wanted to add some random movement and decided that the best place for this would be the loading page of my prototype. As you will see the code works, the loading moves randomly but you can’t get any further than that page unless you press the Enter button on your keyboard, this means the users can’t get any further than the loading page, which obviously is ridiculous. With extra time, I would have been able to work out the way in which the random movement only occurs for a number of seconds/frames and then jumps on to the home page automatically. I have tried to play around with the looping but this makes the rest of the project either speed up or it continues to loop.  

The Video

 As you will see, I have attempt to upload a video onto my prototype, as you will see the video is not of very good quality and has no sound attached to it. Although this makes the prototype look horrible, I thought that it was best for there to be some kind of video present, than there to be a blank space with noting on it. It shows that I can use Flash to upload videos even if this one isn’t entirely finished off. I am still waiting on approval to use the bands recording of their live gigs. 

Play List

This is one area I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get working properly. I have previously embedded sound in flash, but thought for this project I would take it one step further and work out how to create a play list; however even after looking at numerous tutorials about uploading a number of different sounds to one frame, loading different buttons with rollovers and key presses indicating the start the song, I just cant figure out to get each song to stop and the next one to start and so its just one song playing a million times. This is one area I am going to continue to work on as I need play lists on my website for my final year project.

Time Management

Once again I have left my self down and have run out of time, this is an area in which I need to get hold of before I complete my final year project, I don’t want to be running out of time on this and leave myself short; I have had to rush my final pages, and so the finishing off in Flash is not of the standard that I wanted. I haven’t been able to add a play list; I would have like to have made more transitions and all the links and action script work properly. I now know I should have taken Scott’s advice to make a timeline to make sure that each week I had completed and ticked it off what I had completed on my timeline; therefore I will be making one of these and using it as a guideline to make sure I finish my next project with more than enough time to test, make improvements, test again and then publish.

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