Experiences and skills that make me employable

I set myself a challenge which I knew would test my abilities in Flash in order to make me more employable. The game I produced has done just this as I have improved on previous skills and also gained more, I have also enhanced on my creativity skills.  

I have taken a lot of consideration into the design of this game to make it look professional and appealing to children. I produced all of my images in Photoshop and then imported them into Flash, some are royalty free clip art images from the internet and some designed from scratch. I have added specific designs which show my flair and that my creativeness has improved such as lunchboxes, a border, rainbow and an interesting style in text. See the link below for an example of the design: 


I have achieved to improve on the main technical objectives I proposed to do. In this game I have successfully been able to understand how to assign random x and y co-ordinates to movie clips, to further this I have understood how to do this in one function which relates to all the separate movie clips when they are each called upon. A function saves me writing up the same code for each separate movie clip. As well as this I have applied a number of hit tests to the game and a scoring system. The above elements took me a long time to grasp hold of but I feel I have had a great experience through understanding more into ActionScript. I have logged the processes that I went through to complete this game; this is only available in a word format.

I aimed to add many more elements to this game in the time given but as time went on I realised this was not possible. These aims can be seen in this Gantt chart: 


I then set myself objectives that could be achieved. I have learnt from this mistake that I need to plan correctly, set reasonable aims and manage my time appropriately.


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