How The Project Demonstrates Experiences And Skills That Make Me Employable

Overall the project has helped me to develop my technical skills in Flash. I initially aimed to incorporate:

  • Random movement
  • Jumping movement
  • A scoring system
  • Hit testing
  • Volume control
  • Lives

I have successfully achieved all of the above. Furthermore, I have added a timer, even though I intended not to I believe this makes the game more challenging. I also had to learn additional action script including how to make the main character play an attack sequence every time space is pressed. I then had to combine this with a hit test and a variable that deducts a bit of strength away from the baddie each time it is attacked. This was accomplished through my own Flash knowledge and research skills. I think this game will provide potential employers with evidence of my advanced Flash skills as well as my capability to learn quickly and independently.  

In all, I approached my work in an organised manner, for example I have used layers and labeled them accordingly, I have saved my work regularly and I have ensured that I have a working product by week 13.   

Time efficiency was also a key aspect of the production process.  I tried to stick to my original time plan (, I did encounter some technical difficulties along the way. And therefore had to decipher which were the most important features to include in my project and focus on getting them finished first. Therefore, decision making was essential. I decided not to include the score board as this would have required learning PHP which would have been impossible to do within the time limit. From this experience I have learnt the importance of planning and I believe in the future I will be able to decipher what is achievable within the given time period. 

Overall I have learnt the importance of research, planning, time and organisation. I have also advanced my Flash skills which will be appealing to future employers. In addition, I have recognise how it is important to set yourself aims throughout the entire process. It is also vital to acknowledge who your target audience is and consider their wants and needs throughout as at the end of the day in a professional environment it is the users that will determine a product’s success. For example my creative design and layout was done with my target audience in mind.

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