Testing, Usability and Accessiblity

It is now only a few days away from the deadline and I am still overcoming problems in producing my game, therefore I do not yet have a full working prototype. For that reason I have been unable to test this game to the target audience as it would be inappropriate to do so.

If I was to have a full working prototype, I would test the game to 10 children and ask them a series of questions. As I could not do this, I asked these to myself and looked at the game from a child’s perspective as I have been throughout. The questions would be as follows:

·        Did you find it easy to understand what you were meant to do in this game and was it easy play?

The game is informative through its instructions and easy to play as I have made it clear what the child should press on by making rollovers by either enlarging something or changing the colour. I only included key press options to start with but after thinking about this I thought it would be useful for me to add buttons, I did this to provide more options for the child.

·        Were you happy with the selection of lunchboxes you could choose from?

Out of the three lunchboxes I designed, I think at least one would appeal to a child as I created one stereotypically for girls, one for boys and one that I felt could appeal to both.

 ·        Was this game fun to play and did you like the design?

There are elements I would have liked to add if I had the time which I will explain later.

·        Did you understand what this game was trying to educate to you?

I think this is quite clear, however if I had more time I would have improved on this which I will again explain later.

I included aspects to make this game available to those children who have a disability, they are:

·        Keyboard access

·        Adding accessibility tags to the images and movie clips.

·        Designing the game carefully by being colour wise and including the text Maiandra GD which is not difficult to read.

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