Usability Testing

I have now reached the final stages of the production process. After the projects completion I tested my product on the target audience, which is students, this could refer to a number of ages, however I have decided to focus on teenagers. I selected 5 members of this user category and asked them to perform the following tasks: 

1)     Locate the litter fact’s page.

2)     Locate the game’s instructions page.

3)     Play the game.

4)     Find out how well you did in terms of your overall score.

5)     After playing the game return to the main menu. 

In addition to the above tasks they were also asked to comment on their experience in terms of how easy it was to locate things and navigate through the product as well as their thoughts about the overall design and layout. It was also important for me to recognise if the participants came across any mistakes in terms of the way in which the product has been technically constructed. In addition I wanted to know whether my product was suitable for their age range, if they enjoyed the experience, if it would make them think about littering issues and whether they would recommend a friend to use my product.  

Usability testing is beneficial as it allows me to make any final improvements. The following are some of the alterations I made as a result of my testing: 

  • I originally only had a ‘next’ button on the litter facts section meaning that users had to go to the last page of this section to go back to the main menu. This seemed to have a negative impact on navigation. Therefore I have now added a ‘back’ button on each page as well as a ‘main menu’ button at the end (
  • Some of the buttons contained a different colour text to others which seemed to confuse people with what was buttons and what was not. I have now made all the buttons the same colour and style and altered the rollover effect to make it even clearer for users.
  • It also seemed that there was not enough time (count down) for participants to finish the game. The time has now been extended.

 Overall people thought the colour scheme and design worked well and was suitable for their age group. But after a couple of goes they believe they would get bored. As I will later discuss, if I had more time I would have added more levels, which would have become harder as you progress through them. 


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