Further ideas for development

There would be more levels; each dropping down different categories of healthy food in order to educate the child into what is needed for a healthy balanced diet. I only completed the first level a day before it was due, therefore I did not have enough time to create more. Levels would be harder than the previous one as foods would drop at quicker speeds and the score needed would increase to move up a level.  

Lives and a health bar could be added to the levels. Every time the lunchbox was to catch an unhealthy food, the health bar would decrease, when this has disappeared they would loose a life and the level would start again. To further this, a countdown could be added to complete this game in a specific time. If all the lives were lost or the countdown was to run out, it would take them to a game over screen. These aspects would make the game more fun and challenging for the child. 

If there were more levels, I would make the well done screen at the end of the game more educational by showing them what healthy foods they collected; it would also inform them what is needed in a packed lunch for a healthy balanced diet.  

Interactivity could be furthered by adding sound and including a volume controller. As well as this, a high score board could be added for the competitive side of this game.

The prototype as it stands has both the play again and exit buttons going to frame 2. If I was to have a game over screen this is where the exit button would take the user. As well as this, the game is simple with one level so no real need for a play and pause button, if more levels were added these would be needed.  


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