Project Outline
I created an interactive game in flash. The game has a turret point which shoots in the direction of the mouse. The turret point shoots to the enemies which go right to left. To get to the next level users has to shoot a sufficient number of the opponents.
Users get points for shooting down the enemy and each kill is worth 10 points.
Users starts the game on the first level as a labour worker. If they score 100 points they will get to the second level and they will get promotion for a team leader. And as follows:
100 points- Level 2- team leader
200 points- Level 3- supervisor
300 points- Level 4- manager
400 points- Level 5- director


I demonstrated a number of skills that makes me employable.
A reset function- set up the start location and speed for the enemies
Variables to duplicate the enemies
Collision detection-
detects when a shot hits an enemy and consequently makes it explode and disappear.
detects when an enemy collides with the gun, at which point the game ends.
Hit test- (for scoring points and game over)
Resetting enemies after exploding
limited number of shots-I used a code which limits the game to having a maximum of 4 shots on the stage.
Scores (variables)- users scores points and get to the next levels
Game Over function
A restart button
Sound- possibility to mute the sound.
I have developed my designing and planning skills. Furthermore, I have deepened my knowledge about the interactive design technologies. Also I increased my understanding of interactive design principles and creative thinking around interactivity and design. I learned to think creatively about online presentation and distribution of media on CD. More importantly I deepened my knowledge through independent study of the Flash technology.
My project delivers to users more than one form of media at once. It include text, sound and images. I created a medium which is interactive to give a user control and to achieve two-way communication

Problems and future ideas for development
The game has an error. I think there is a problem with a collision detection. The shot hits an enemy and makes it disappear. Users cannot see the enemy but I think it stays on the stage as an invisible object. When it (the invisible object) collides with the gun the game ends. Originally I was planning to draw a line which would stop the enemies to leave the stage. Hitting the line by the enemies would mean the end of game. Users would have to shoot all the enemies which appear on the stage. – this would make the game slightly more difficult and challenging. Furthermore, I was planning to create more levels where users would have to score more points. All of that can be developed when the error is resolved. In order to make the game working I placed the gun at the bottom of the stage where the enemies have less chance to hit it. It does not make the game challenging or exciting but at least it works for now and presents what I am trying to achieve.

Usability test

When I finished the product I did a usability test among 20 people. All of them liked the project. None of them had any problem with understanding how the game works. Ten out of twenty people managed to get to the fifth level when they played the game for the first time. Five people were stopped because of the error. I created also a Polish version of the game which allowed the Poles to understand the instruction written in their mother tongue language.

I intend to place the finish product on my on my final project website which will aim at European Union citizens who come to England to start a new life. It will also may be placed on the Independent Polish web portal which provides visitors with information, forums, articles and chat rooms. The online community was established for and by Polish people who along with other immigrants for economic reasons arrived in Birmingham to start a new life. Those people often are very well qualified, but have only basic communication skills in English. Therefore they are unable to undertake tasks according to their qualifications which may lead them to a frustration. My game may give them the chance to take their frustration out, give a little bit of fun, make them laugh and possibly give the chance to virtually take their anger out on their bosses.

The tutorial sites which I used

Kurt (01.06.2004) Building Games in Flash 5 – Enemies and collisions- tutorial

KirupaBlog Hit Test (Collision Detection)-

Luke Knepper Handling Score in a Basic Game –

Flash Space Shooter – Enemies Tutorial

Polonia Birmingham Polski niezależny Portal w Birmingham (translation: Independent Polish web portal) [viewed 22/10/2007]

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