Professional and technical objectives

My personal intentions for this assignment are to develop my overall design abilities in web and new media, learning new techniques and skills that will clearly demonstrate an enhanced learning on my behalf. I wish to draw upon trends in the new media industries and the skills required, resulting in the design of an original and creative new media project. By assessing new media forms, both independently and throughout this module, I intend to outline relevant areas that may well be useful for a basis of my intended project.

During the lecture slides that Scott has presented during class, I have gained a more coherent understanding of what my project needs to focus on.  I shall ensure that my proposal will be specific in informing exactly what I shall be creating, why I plan on doing a website of this nature, also drawing upon when I shall initially be beginning my project. This refers to the measurable aspects that I was introduced of during class, ensuring that I can accurately complete my project within a specific time scale.

Therefore, are my objectives attainable? Or will I need to re-address my initial proposal, an area that may well come into play, later on during the production process. I shall also ensure that my intentions for the project are relevant to the improvement of my overall design skills in web and new media, with a successful working prototype completed. I must be fully aware of the time limitations involved in creating my project as intended; otherwise I may find areas of my proposal not occurring. This is all about being reasonable and efficient with my overall time management, a skill that has let me down in the past, thus resulting in lack of content for past website prototypes.

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