Introduction and Initial Ideas…


Hi, I am Simon, a Television Specialist on the BA Media and Communications course at BCU.  My main interest is in all things multi-media and specifically video. Therefore my initial ideas also centre on video and multi media. I definitely have more experience in DVD Authoring than Web Design, so I wish to primarily utilise these skills in my project.

My provisional challenge is to produce a multi-featured promotional DVD for a new and currently unsigned singer/songwriter. The DVD will be compatible with stand-alone players. It will need a very eye catching design that is tailored to the clients individual style, as the DVD will effectively act as their calling card. The DVD will both incorporate Video, Photographs and other content accessible through standard DVD menus. I however wish to make an enhanced DVD that can also be used in a computers DVD drive, providing additional content and features. I intend to create different versions of the video content that are optimised for specific mobile devices. I currently intend to focus on using 3GP for mobiles handsets (possibly also MP4), also I aim to provide iPhone and PSP optimised video. In addition to these locally stored video clips, I am thinking of hosting a Flash version and providing the necessary code to embed the clip on social networking sites. I may however upload the clip to YouTube as there may be a issue with hosting costs, considering the artist is not currently signed to a label. In order to draw all this slightly disparate material together I am pondering trying to create a largely graphical menu system created in Flash to enable the end-user to have a easy and visually attractive way to access the additional content on the DVD.

I have not yet firmly decided on the best way to undertake this project but am likely to need to utilise the following programs:

In the coming week I intend to look at examples of video DVDs that use Flash for enhanced menus systems and features and find out what would be involved in doing this.


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