During todays class, I was informed of the ‘scammper’ technique useful in gaining original and creative concepts for my website design. As previously mentioned, my website shall be based on music culture and the consumption of records, incorporating the use of RSS enabling frequent news updates to user blogs,  e-mails, etc.

Below is an example of the scammper technique I applied during today’s class, looking at an existing website (I wish to take ideas from) operating in the marketing and selling of vinyl worldwide:

Substitute – To create something original for my website, I would substitue areas of the rules specified on discogs and also allow the exhange of records, as well as the overall concept of purchasing records at a fixed price.

Combine – I would combine the use of RSS feeds to records for sale within musical genres, delivering users with the latest sales/exhanges immediately appropriate to their music tastes.

Adapt – I would consider adapting the concept of discogs, applying the idea to my website but also refer to music news and culture as the main theme. The idea of using the discog theme would create an online record store that allow users to interact within a social network.

Magnify – (no ideas as yet)

Modify – I would add audio to the interactive record store concept taken from discogs, thus allowing users to stream audio clips of records they may be interested in purchasing / exchanging.

Put – (no ideas as yet)

Eliminate – By substracting unneccessary textual information,  it would help clean up the overall text:image ratio, creating a more simplistic and easier interaction for users.

Reaarange – I would change the layout of discogs into a theme appropriate to my website,  creating a simple and understandable, interactive online record shop.

More ideas to come.


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