So today Scott’s introduced us to an idea called SCAMMPER.  Basically this enables us to look at what we’re planning to do in a different way and hopefully from that takes ideas that can help us improve what we plan on doing, or at least help us in realising the steps we need to take in order to turn said ideas into reality.


As I am looking into the possibility of creating a web app for iPhone, I have been looking into the steps I would take to create an app.  I am planning to create the web app for an existing site.  Dead Format is a website that focuses on news related to the releasing of punk, hardcore and metal music in the vinyl format (The name is taken from many peoples assumptions that vinyl is in fact a ‘dead format’).  What I plan to do is take two of the major aspects of the site, Pressing Information (numbers of records ‘pressed’, an example here) and Trade Lists (where users can register on the site and list their vinyl collection along with a lists of ‘wants’, again, an example here), and seeing if I am able to reinterpret these for use in an iPhone web app.


Here is my quick SCAMMPER that I did for my idea:




Substituted? – PC for iPhone.


Combined? – Pressing info & Trade lists from full site.


Adapted? – Layout recreated for iPhone.


Magnified? – Information presented in a more user-friendly way in regards to iPhone display.


Modified? – Text, layout, search bar.


Put to another use? – designed for use on the move


Eliminated or minified? – News & articles (still available via links on main page but taking back seat to pressing info and trade lists).


Rearranged? – Complete overhaul of site design to fit in with iPhone display limitations.



Over the next week I will get to work on hopefully beginning to code this app, as well as getting in contact with a few people that could help me out (other web app creators, the designer of Dead Format and probably BCU’s very own Tim Wall & Andrew Dubber).



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