Given that my project is not fully conceptualised as yet, I will use an example of a portfolio website for a photographer that I recently built a website for, Ian Davies (No ID Photography). I think this has potential to be the basis for my project – perhaps a redesign using a different web framework to see how the two compare with regards to ease of maintenance and usability etc.


  • Substitute HTML for Ruby on Rails
  • Combine RoR with Flash and/or Javascript for gallery function. Perhaps even WordPress for a blog
  • Adapt the existing portfolio to use a different web platform
  • Modify/magnify the content of the website, adding more pictures on one screen, perhaps having a seemingly massive selection of thumbnails under different headings
  • Put the site to other uses by making it standard enough to be translated for different purposes; for example, a website for a new art exhibition…
  • Eliminate/minify the amount of unneccesary code and images for improved loading times
  • Reverse/rearrange the storyboard so that photos are displayed randomly on the initial page seen by the user to give the website more of a dynamic feel. The site could even be one page, inclusive of a mini blog, video player, selection of thumbnails and an ‘about’ section
No ID Photography site

No ID Photography site


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