Scamper the Web and New Media Blog

As stated earlier I’m developing a WordPress Theme for this website. I have been applying SCAMMPER to my initial idea and these are the thing that I have come up with.

Substitute: The first thing to do will be to come up with a design that will fit the blog. In that process I would substitute the current colour palette and come up with one on my own.

Combine: As this blog have so many categories and covers such a large range of subjects, I will try and combine this list with the Archives list in one column. Because the blog covers so many subjects, I have to assume that the web site will attract a very varied audience. By combining the archives and categories in one column, it will make it easier to find the subject you are interested in.

Adapt: To accommodate for the extra column, I will adapt a three column layout. This will separate the categories and archives from the rest of the content making it even easier to find.

Magnify: In order to make room for the third column I will increase the width of the layout. This will give me more space sideways and utilize the screen real estate of the wide screen monitors better.

Modify: I will modify the current links associated with the tags in each post. At the moment the links point to the official WordPress site, it would make more sense if the links pointed to internal posts on this site.

Put To Other Use: The theme I come up with in the end could possibly be used on all the WordPress blogs out there, just like all the free themes. It is not limited in its use in terms of how many websites can use it. The only criterion is that the website use WordPress.

Eliminate: I will try and eliminate the use of Javascript currently used in this theme. This will improve loading times, and accommodate for users that might have Javascript turned off in their browsers.

Rearrange: I will rearrange the position of the elements used on the blog. This includes search bar, meta data, the calendar etc.

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