What are employers in the new media industry looking for?

Employers within the new media industry will always be looking for creative talent and ideas. Good presentation, an awareness and understanding of the section you wish to work in is essential. Ensure all applications contain none of the following:

–    miss-types
–    bad spelling
–    bad grammar
–    Unnecessary hype

I would also recommend that any employee wishing to gain work within their desired field must at far most, be innovate. The new media is probably the most creative sector amongst any other profession, requiring good ideas, knowledge and business understanding.

From previous work experience I have encountered in the music industry, I have always took an approach as to what could be done differently…could I do this particular job differently? I think it is important to keep positive and enthusiastic, ensure you talk to others and show interest! Employers look for creativity, so try and find a gap in the market, solve problems, suggest ideas and present different scenarios. Referring to my intentions for this assignment, they may not necessary fill a gap, but do however, demonstrate a keen participation in areas of web design that I am not fully aware of. I feel the more you are seen to be involved in, the more respect and responsibility an employee will give you. Of course, it is important to know your field of work, but a desire to learn new skills and objectives wouldn’t hurt.


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