What Employers In The New Media Industry Are Looking For

Seeing as my idea is slightly different to what some of the other members of my class may be doing I don’t see that I would need an employer in the new media industry as such.  The sort of design and creation that I am focusing on is something would probably be better suited to a freelance body as opposed to an employee of a company.  Having said that, there are still people out there looking for such freelancers to work for them.  Other people have held small interviews with people who are known for their work in other fields (CSS, PHP etc.) while I am just going for a short write up on what to expect from someone creating content for mobile phones.

A few short years ago content for mobile phones would have been limited to ringtones, pictures and possibly the odd basic game.  Now with the new breed of ‘smartphones’ what was once primarily a device for making and receiving calls is now capable of far more.  It is almost standard now that a new phone will include a camera that is capable of taking both high quality pictures to rival a stand alone compact camera and also video as well (although iPhone lacks the ability to record video).  Not only that, many phones now feature a lush, full colour screen capable of displaying images and information at a high resolution.  With some of these things in mind, a developer for mobile content now must be open almost any possibility, as now phones can offer almost as much freedom in web design as many desktop computers when it comes to web content.

The iPhone and it’s intuitive touch screen and built-in accelerometer have again raised the bar for mobile design and along with it bought a whole new plethora of ideas and possibilities for mobile web design and mobile phones in general.

So really instead of asking what the new media industry is looking for maybe we should make it simpler and ask what the new media industry ISN’T looking for, and the answer would be not a lot, because right now it seems that only the sky is the limit for mobile content and mobile web design!


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