Last week we learnt how to apply SAMMPER to our projects to help us find new and different in which we can improve apon our existing ideas. Since our last lesson I have been thinking about what I wanted to create using Flash for my project. I have decided to create a CD-ROM portfolio.

Here is what ideas I have come up with using SCAMMPER:

  • Substitute – I am substituting a classic portfolio to a digital portfolio (from paper to CD).
  • Combine – I wil combine my CD-ROM with outer packaging that gives the user a taster of what the CD-ROM will be like.
  • Adapt – Online I have seen walk through galleries that use Flash. I wish to adapt this feature into my portfolio.
  • Magnify – I want my gallery to be the strongest part of the CD-ROM. I will be making sure that those who use my CD-ROM can easily navigate through the gallery.
  • Modify – I don’t want this to be like a standard CD-ROM that people get and ignore. To grab peoples attention I will try to midify the standard menu and create a more interactive one.
  • Put to other uses – Another use of the CD-ROM is to take parts of the CD-ROM to help create a website to go with it.
  • Eliminate or minify – I could use a mini CD for my CD-ROM however, they can only hold upto 210 MB of data. I will have to consider this in my production process.
  • Rearrange – I could change to order of the way in which a person views the CD-ROM. Instead of inserting the CD-ROM and coming to the menu first. The CD-ROM could auto load to the gallery and then come to the menu after.

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