What is Flash?


Flash is vector animation software that was first made to create animations for web pages. Flash is most commonly used to create animations, advertisements, web components and is also used in the development of RIA’s (Rich Internet Applications).


How has Flash developed?


Flash has changed a lot over the years. Its creators Jonathan Gay, Michelle Welsh and Charlie Jackson created the first version of Flash called FutureSplash Animator. In 1991 Macromedia re-branded FurureSplash animator and released the first version of Macromedia Flash. There were 9 versions of Macromedia Flash in total. Macromedia took the original version and have improved upon it each time to allow the many features it has today including:


Object library

JavaScript plug-in


Internal variables

MP3 streaming

HTML text formatting …..and many more.


In 2007 Flash was released under the adobe name. Adobe enabled Flash to have better integration with the existing adobe programmes. Adbobe has also given Flash better vector drawing capabilities.




ActionScript is the scripting language used to develop websites and software using Flash. Flash originally had little interactivity features. ActionScript allowed users to add actions to object, buttons and frames. ActionScript language has also developed through each version of Flash adding new capabilities including variables, expressions, operators, if statements, and loops.


When to use Flash?


According to Stefan Mischook (http://www.killersites.com/articles/articles_FlashUse.htm), Flash should be used as a presentation. The user should be able to sit back and enjoy the Flash movie. I disagree with him, Flash is great at enabling the user to interact with the content.


Using Flash to create CD-ROM’s


CD-ROMs are a great promotional tool, and a way to distribute information, or a project that you would like to give clients. CD-ROM can contain information, video, animation, graphics, or any other information that can be stored electronically. Using Flash is a way in which we can make this information on the CD look presentable and add interactivity.


Flash has many features that allow you to combine text, graphics, video, audio and the internet which makes it ideal in creating a CD-ROM. As Flash is developing there are more areas in which we can explore and add to CD-ROM’s.


u       Advantages: No need for the internet and no bandwidth limitations.


Why have I chosen Flash?


Flash is ever changing and getting more popular with new features including 3D effects and dynamic sound it is being used everywhere. Flash is being used for web application, CD-ROM’s, animations, flash games, websites and much more. I have chosen to use Flash as it is an ever evolving platform for creativity. I feel that we have not yet seen the full potential of Flash used within the creative industry.





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