My Current Position

Where am I now?

I have reseached the background and applications of Ruby on Rails and have a loose understanding of how RoR compares to other languages, specifically PHP.

What is the next logical step?

The next logical step in my learning is most likely trying to develop a working product using RoR working from tutorials. I have found various RoR tutorials explaining various applications of the language such as to do lists, blogs, search engines, etc.


Getting started with Ruby on Rails

Four Days on Rails (PDF)

Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

Ruby on Rails for Beginners (appears to be more up to date)

Tutorial in Ruby on Rails

Having looked through all of these, it appears that the most up to date and suitible tutorial for me would be the last one, ‘Tutorial in Ruby on Rails’. I’m feeling quite daunted at the moment as most of these tutorials seems to presume you have come from a pretty successful coding background, which I have not. The only coding I use is HTML and CSS at the moment, so this will be a challenge.

Four Days on Rails is a great concept for a tutorial but it appears to be a little out of date. I will however start it and will soon know how out of date it is.

I will document my ‘progress’ here… Eek.

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