So, what now?

Now that I know exactly what it is I WANT to do, I need to figure out what I NEED to do in order to be able to create it.  I am fairly competent in HTML and CSS coding from my previous work in the web design-based modules I have completed in the two years of University previous to this, and now I need to research into the differences of coding for mobile web and see if there are any massive differences.  I have registered as an iPhone Developer on the Apple website, and with this has come a wealth of reference material being made available to be in the Web Apps Dev Center.  Here I should be able to find almost everything I need to know about coding for iPhone.  However, Scott has asked wether I should look into coding the Web App for other platforms, such as other mobiles with built-in browsers such as Opera, or Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile.


I heard back from the guy who runs Dead Format, Nick.  He said he has been considering getting someone to develop a web app or mobile web page for his site that incorporate some of the basic features that I want to incorporate (these being news pages, pressing info, trade lists).  hopefully I will be able to devlop an app that he can make available for use or even just a link or CSS class that will enable iPhones, mobile browsers and Pocket PCs to browse his website with a little more ease than before.


I’m gonna spend the next week reading up on all the reference material that is available at the Dev Center, it’s all downloadable in .pdf format, so I think I will print off some of the more relevant files and give them a read.  I may even prepare a couple of mock ups based on the ideas I have in my head as well.

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