I think… therefore I scamper.

  • Substitute: Substitution of medium; Changing the format of the promotional product. Alternatives are Blu-ray, CD-ROM, Website Delivery, Mobile Site, Bluetooth nodes, USB Key.
  • Combine: The combination of multiple forms of content. Text, Image, Video and Sound. Combining compatible platforms for the product- DVD Players, PC/Mac, Mobile Phones, iPhone, PSP etc.
  • Adapt: Adapting the DVD format by using it as a video delivery format and as a data format allowing for Flash menus and Web-linked content.
  • Magnify: Magnifying the role of special and interactive features instead on mainly focusing on the movie/video.
  • Modify: Individual components such as videos, audio, text etc. are available for use in a DVD. The difference with my project is that all of these features are tightly integrated into a complete multimedia package.
  • Put: Could put the concept to other uses by changing the content to general entertainment, instead of just a promotional tool.
  • Eliminate or minify: Minify the length of the video clips so that the main video content is less than an hour long, this will free up plenty of space for the data portion of the disk.
  • Reverse / Rearrange: I will make a first play video that will highlight the extra features of the DVD and how to access them. This is a reversal of the normal approach of watching the main video on a DVD and then going to explore the extra features.¬†

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