Ideas beginning to take shape

I may have upset Scott by not doing this weeks’ DS task but things are now starting to take shape.  I have been reading the documentation about how to code a create web pages for iPhone, and hopefully will be able to start coding soon.  I will have my mocks up down by next week at the very least though.  I now have the dilemma of deciding on whether I should code the pages in landscape or portrait view, thanks to iPhones ability to display webpages in either orientation.  Kaspers’ workshop/demonstration on CSS has given me some useful tips that I will quite probably end up using when coding my web app.  Thank you sir!

Right now I’m just putting a quick mock up together that I will be able to post on here soon, and this will be followed by a much better mock up some time next week.  I’m also emailing the guy who runs Dead Format, Nick, to see if he can answer some questions for me that I can then post on the blog.

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