Tasks for the week

I aim in the following week to complete a number of tasks in order to progress with my project. I need to develop a variety of mock-ups; I will create one that will demonstrate what the menu system will look like on a standalone DVD player. I will also create a mock-up of what the menus will look like on a computer with the flash designs. Video Clips resized for, and super-imposed onto various mobile devices. I will not have the complete design or the actual content because much of this, I will only get when producing the actual DVD for my client. I will instead produce a number of templates showing how the product would work, with a fairly generic design. The second area that I need to work on in preparation for next week is gaining flash skills. At least enough to be able deliver a workshop on a specific feature during the next session. I have already started reading about the program and will use online tutorials in order to further my understanding.

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