Draft Proposal

For the second part of this assignment I proposal to create a web application for iPhone.  This application will be based on the website Dead Format.  DF is a website that caters for fans of alternative music who primarily collect their favourite genres of music on the vinyl record as opposed to CD or digital downloads.  It covers aspects of record collecting such as pressing information, where collectors can find out how many copies of a certain record were pressed and on what colour vinyl, what record label etc.  The biggest part of the site is its Trade List facility.  This allows people to register on the site, and then they can upload lists of the records they own and the records they want, and other members can browse peoples lists with the view to trading and buying or selling records with users.  As well as these two features the site also features news, features, contests, a forum and a web store.

I will be focusing on 3 main aspects of the site for the creation of my web app.  These 3 aspects will be Trade Lists, Pressing Information and News.  It would prove too big a task to complete in 12 weeks if I were to design a web app for every aspect of the website.  For the web app I will not be redesigning the site completely, I will be taking the information that is already available on the full version of the website and adapting it and making it available for iPhone in a more user-friendly manner.  Although the iPhone does have a built-in browser capable of displaying full websites it can often take a while to display these sites and load them fully if the user doesn’t have a fairly strong mobile signal and 3G coverage.  Therefore I am going to make good use of RSS feeds to deliver the 3 aspects that are named about and make them available in a truncated form of an iPhone specific web app.  The layout will be designed specifically for the iPhone, although other mobile web browsers will be able to access the site, the layout and dimensions will be specific to the display of the iPhone.

So therefore I will be using my knowledge of developing webpages for iPhone, and will be bringing in aspects of HTML, CSS, RSS Feeds & also my knowledge of using Photoshop, Fireworks and Dreamweaver, as well as an Apple iPhone specific program called Dashcode, which can be used to create web apps for iPhone.  This comes with a handy iPhone Simulator program, which will allow me to use and debug my application on my computer whilst using this program, which acts like an iPhone.  I will also be uploading my web app and asking friends that I have who also own iPhones, which will allow me to find out any serious problems that need addressing before allowing the application to not only be submitted for my assignment, but also going live and making it available for all users of Dead Format who own mobile phones capable of accessing the site.


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