3 is the magic number

Well, 3 is the number of students that actually turned up for todays class.  We all gave our draft pitches and listened to feedback given from the other 2 students and also from Scott.  Scott raised some good points for me that I had not considered before, and I now know that I will need to look into how to use PHP as the aspects of the website that I am going to recode for my web app use PHP.  This will hopefully not prove to be too much of a problem and Scott also mentioned that he has a book that would prove useful to me.

In the next week I will be writting my detailed proposal for my web app which I will be creating during weeks 6 to 12 for the second assignment of this module.  I have started on a couple of mock ups for my web app that will be added into the proposal.  I think that I have decided to focus entirely on creating my app in the portrait orientation as opposed to one for both portrait and landscape, although i will make the app available for use in landscape too, but I will not be coding for both orientations.

So now I’m going to head off to see Doomriders play in London tonight, before coming back tomorrow and finishing off assignment one.

Happy Halloween.


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