Draft Project Proposal

The Challenge


The aim is to create a new media product using trends within the industry.


My Chosen Subject Area


Flash is an area that I am interested in. With the takeover of Adobe, Flash is advancing and becoming more commonly used. I have gained basic Flash skills in prerequisite modules and hope to expand on my Flash skills. It is a goal of mine to learn more about the scripting language for Flash, by learning ActionScript I can take the Flash skills that I already have and develop them for further use.


My Project


I have chosen to create an interactive CD-ROM using Flash. I will be creating a Portfolio that will display the work that I have done, information, my CV and contact information.






To meet my technical objectives to develop my Flash skills I have to find out more about Flash intermediate and advance skills and learn the scripting language ActionScript. I have began to try and meet my objectives by reading about ActionScript and build upon the ground work that I already have by completing online tutorials and understanding the technical process of creating a project using Flash.


I will aim to gain skills in these areas of Flash and ActionScript:



If statements


Mouse controls and events

Assigning attributes


With the skills that I will gain I will be creating a platform to showcase my work to potential employees on an interactive CD-ROM. I hope for the CD-ROM to not just show my work but show those who view it my potential and the skills that I have.




The professional objectives that I aim to gain tie in with my technical objectives. I aim to gain Flash and ActionScript Technical skills to make me a more desirable candidate for employment. I feel Flash is a key skill to have and by gaining these advance skills I feel that I will be more prepare for the professional new media industry. Being a young professional within the industry can be very competitive, this is my reasoning for creating a CD-ROM portfolio, as many people have online portfolio’s, I feel that if a potential employee had one in the physical form it could grab their attention. The CD-ROM is also a piece of work to show to a potential employee in itself. It’s not just the content but the platform that I use that can impress and show my work at a professional standard.


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