Proposal: Portfolio for Local Artist, Jonathan Kelham

I plan to work towards a portfolio site for a local artist named Jonathan Kelham who is a third year Fine Art student in Birmingham. The client needs a website to display a selection of his work including images, videos, a biography, contact page and blog. The blog will be the main part of the project as I will be building it from scratch using Ruby on Rails.

The blog will act like a sketchbook as Jonathan will be able to upload and write about his work in progress which will add more of a dynamic feel to the website. In general, when a website changes frequently, users will return to it more often which of course can only be a good thing. As an artist, he needs exposure in order to make a name for himself within the local art community. For him to have a digital presence would be of great benefit to him as he would be able to refer people to his website while networking amongst Birmingham’s creatives.

The blog will also have an administration feature where he will be able to upload his own material and manage the content of his blog in a simple but functional manner.

The gallery section of the website will be a fairly simple setup, perhaps with some enhanced viewing techniques that give the section more of a tangible feel. Specifically I am speaking about gallery effects; smooth transitions and pleasing enlargements. The gallery will most likely be built again using Ruby on Rails. Works will be organised by medium.

The look and feel of the website will be quite minimal, but reflective of Jonathan’s work which features a fair amount of white space and natural colour. We have discussed giving the website the feel of paper media without being excessive in use of texture and shadow. Subtlety and understatement is key.

 I have chosen to use Ruby on Rails mainly because I have been won over by the testimonials from designers and developers who have migrated from the use of PHP in favour of this relatively new framework. Emphasis has been on speed, consistency, manageability and intelligible coding methods.


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