Final Project Proposal

The Challenge

The aim is to create a new media product using trends within the industry.

My Chosen Subject Area

Flash is an area that I am interested in. With the takeover of Adobe, Flash is advancing and becoming more commonly used. I have gained basic Flash skills in prerequisite modules and hope to expand on my Flash skills. It is a goal of mine to learn more about the scripting language for Flash, by learning ActionScript I can take the Flash skills that I already have and develop them for further use.

My Project

I have chosen to create an interactive CD-ROM using Flash. I will be creating a Portfolio for a third year web and new media student. The CD-ROM portfolio will display the work that they have done, CV and contact information.



To meet my technical objectives to develop my Flash skills I have to find out more about Flash intermediate and advance skills and learn the scripting language ActionScript. I have began to try and meet my objectives by reading about ActionScript and build upon the ground work that I already have by completing online tutorials and understanding the technical process of creating a project using Flash.

I will aim to gain skills in these areas of Flash and ActionScript:


If statements


Mouse controls and events

Assigning attributes

With the skills that I will gain I will be creating a platform to showcase my clients work to potential employers on an interactive CD-ROM. I hope for the CD-ROM to not just show my clients work but also show those who view it my clients potential and the skills that she has.


The professional objectives that I aim to gain tie in with my technical objectives. I aim to gain Flash and ActionScript Technical skills to make me a more desirable candidate for employment. I feel Flash is a key skill to have and by gaining these advance skills I feel that I will be more prepare for the professional new media industry. Being a young professional within the industry can be very competitive, this is my reasoning for creating a CD-ROM portfolio, as many people have online portfolios, I feel that if a potential employer had one in the physical form it could grab their attention. The CD-ROM is also a piece of work to show to a potential employee in itself. It’s not just the content but the platform that I use that can impress and show my clients work at a professional standard.

Market Research

It is difficult to find statistics in this area of research. This is due to there being no market for portfolios. They are individual portfolios that are given to employers for them to judge the desirability of a prospective employee; hence a market for CD-ROM portfolios does not exist.

Competitors & Users

The competitors will be other prospective employees. I have found that there are many ways in which people display their portfolio from paper to websites. However most of these are not something that is given to employers (the users) in the physical form. A CD-ROM can be handed over to a potential employer to keep hold of and view in their leisure; this is advantage to using a CD-ROM for a portfolio.

When talking to the design company Ideas Room, they thought that CD-ROM’s are a great way to gain clients. They would use them in press packs and send them to potential and current clients through the post with letters. A CD-ROM portfolio is a way in which to impress potential employers before the interview stage.


I have created a mock-up of the menu page for the CD-ROM. The Design concept was to show the clients personality and creativity. Using a contrast of bright and dark colours leads the users to the main content of the page. My client likes the use of bright colours this is the reason for creating a colourful logo to represent my client.  The cards in the centre will be followed through in the rest of the CD-ROM as navigation.



The next stage of the project will be production. I will be continuing my designs and development of ActionScript to help me create the CD-ROM portfolio. Developing my skills will aid me in my production and I will have a greater chance of success.


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