Draft Project Proposal


Aims: Produce a promotional DVD for a local aspiring singer/songwriter.


Key Requirements:


  • Eye catching visuals.

  • Easy to navigate.

  • Reflective of personal style.

  • Accessible through being compatible with multiple platforms and devices.


Skills required:


  • Video editing.

  • Flash Skills.

  • Photoshop Skills.

  • DVD Authoring skills (Adobe Encore/ Ulead DVD Workshop).


Content involved: photographs of the artist, audio, video, brief biog and link to the artists myspace page.



I will need to utilise a number of technical and design skills in order to create a professional looking (and working) promotional DVD. This DVD will have the purpose of promoting a currently unsigned artist and will be given to record labels and agencies to showcase the talent of my client. The DVD will also however be available to be sent out to fans on request through the artists myspace music site. With these two linked but distinct objectives in mind the DVD music be designed so that it meets the needs of both fans and businesses.


My self-set guiding brief for this project is:


To produce a DVD that showcases multimedia content across a variety of platforms, whilst incorporating a design that is reflective of my clients unique style.


Product Overview


The DVD will be a content rich multimedia experience that will provide easy access to a variety of material showcasing my client. It will take the form of an enhanced DVD. This will consist of a portion of the DVD containing music videos, photographs and contact information for the artist. This will be created with DVD authoring software such as Ulead DVD Workshop or Adobe Encore. My aim is to make the Disk fully DVD-Video compliant so that it can be played on a standalone unit without a computer.


I will also create a secondary data portion of the DVD that will contain video content that been optimised for transfer to, and playback on, a variety of mobile devices. This will include, iPhone, PSP, and standard 3GP mobile phone versions of a music video. These will be transcoded into the appropriate codec, resolution etc. for the specific device. Being an enhanced DVD will allow the end-user to access additional content and features. The content will include musics videos, audio song samples, photographs, lyrics etc. My intention is to create a flash based menu system that will incorporate these features in a user friendly and creative fashion.


In creating this DVD I will focus on three main criteria:


  • Variety of Features: Video playable in a DVD player, video formatted for mobile devices, photographs, lyrics and other artist info etc.


  • Usability: Being able to access the content quickly and simply. I will look at how many click/interactions are necessary. This will be especially important in the case of the industry professionals, whom are likely to only allocate a relatively short amount of time to assess each potential artist.


  • Design: For both the fan and music industry professional market design is key. It will be necessary to catch the eye of the viewer and entice them to pay attention and access the content. It is also my aim to incorporate the ideas of my client as the DVD is essentially an extension of their creative image.


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