Project Management

Today’s class has been very useful in understanding how to manage my project accordingly. I learnt of how a project is usually defined by time, scope and cost, thus devising a list of processes, SMART objectives, risk assessments, task allocations and more.


I shall now provide 3 examples of the project management areas in relation to my website prototype.



SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) analyses for my prototype:


S          Good topic, use of web and new media content

W        Not entirely original, lack of skills in some technical areas

O         Gain media interest, concept may be developed further

T          Many competitors within this field



PEST (Political/Economic/Social/Technological) analyses for my prototype:


P          Copyright issues with content information

E          Will it benefit targeted users with new information? Is the content informative?

S          What types of demographics does my site appeal too? What genres?

T          Does my site compete with others in terms of content, usability and layout?



Risk assessment for my prototype:


An unlikely risk of my home server being incompatible, meaning for a negligible seriousness of consequence, would therefore result in a low chance of any risks to occur during the installation of PHP.


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  1. sandra james Said:

    I find this very useful

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