Revised Project Propsal

Aim of project: To produce a DVD in order to promote the work of a local singer / songwriter.

Project Medium: Hybrid DVD.

Client Background: Katie Morris is a currently unsigned singer / songwriter / musician that is passionate about all aspects of music and has a particular for soul music. She is currently unsigned, without an agent and looking to break in to the music industry. With a number of demo tracks already recorded Katie’s aim is to produce a demo DVD showcasing her work. This will be sent out record labels and talent agencies that Katie has an interest in working with. The DVD will also be sent out to her fans on request through her myspace music page in order to solidify her fan base.

The audience / end-user 

  • Record Labels A&R employees: These are the people that are responsible for talent scouting and bringing new artist to labels. As professionals within the music industry they will have high expectations and will need to be wowed in order to consider and artist. There seems now also be the expectation for artist to have already been involved in some level of self promotion before being signed.


  • Existing Fans: People we are already in some way interested in Katie’s music. By having a professional looking product such as an interactive DVD it will help to set Katie apart from other on line musicians and reinforce her image as a serious artist with a future. It could help to promote Katie via word of mouth and the video files provided on the DVD are designed to be easily shared in order increase her fan base.

 My personal guiding brief for the project 

To produce a DVD that showcases multimedia content across a variety of platforms, whilst incorporating a design that is reflective of my clients unique style. 

Product Overview

The promotional DVD that I will create for my client will be a hybrid video/data disk.

The DVD will be a content rich multimedia experience that will provide easy access to a variety of material showcasing my client. This will consist of a portion of the DVD containing music videos, photographs and contact information for the artist. This will be created with DVD authoring software such as Ulead DVD Workshop or Adobe Encore. My aim is to make the Disk fully DVD-Video compliant so that it can be played on a standalone unit without a computer. I will be responsible for creating some of the content for the disk and designing the menus, some of artwork will be produced by my and some of it will be sourced from my client. The design will feature animated menu background and different sections for individual type of content. For example there would be a link from the main menu to sub-menus including: Photographs, Music Videos, Biog and contact.


DVD Main Menu


I will also create a secondary data portion of the DVD that will contain video content that been optimised for transfer to, and playback on, a variety of mobile devices. This will include, iPhone, PSP, and standard 3GP mobile phone versions of a music video. These will be transcoded into the appropriate codec, resolution etc. for the specific device. I will convert the master files using a video conversion program called SuperEncoder. I will then also supply instructions on typically how you would transfer this to your mobile device.


 Being an enhanced DVD will allow the end-user to access additional content and features. This content will include musics videos, audio song samples, photographs, lyrics etc. My intention is to create a flash based menu system that will incorporate these features in a user friendly and creative fashion. I want to try and create an executable interactive flash animation that will act as unifying front-end to the content available on the disk when used on a computer.


At all stages of my products development and production I will focus on three main criteria:

  • Variety of Features: Video playable in a DVD player, video formatted for mobile devices, photographs, lyrics and other artist info etc. Can be used either in a standalone DVD player or a computer.


  • Usability: Being able to access the content quickly and simply. I will look at how many click/interactions are necessary. This will be especially important in the case of the industry professionals, whom are likely to only allocate a relatively short amount of time to assess each potential artist. I will provide readme files and instruction documentation on the disk. If inserted into a DVD player the first play message will inform users that the disk can also be used in a computer and a similar message will be presented on the flash menu.


  • Design: For both the fan and music industry professional market design is key. It will be necessary to catch the eye of the viewer and entice them to pay attention and access the content. It is also my aim to incorporate the ideas of my client as the DVD is essentially an extension of their creative image. I will keep in close contact with my client so she can sign-off on the various stages of the project.





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