So much analysing

Today Scott introduced and reintroduced use to a few methods of being able to analyis our projects and from these analyses determine wether our projects are on the right track, and what we can do to improve them and to create them to the best of our abilities.  Below you will find two quick analyses that I did in todays lecture, they are SWOT & PEST analyses:

SWOT Analysis

Strengths – Good knowledge of both web site & HTML, CSS, access to lots of useful documentation from apple web app dev center & also dashcode application

Weaknesses – Site uses PHP, very limited knowledge of this, first time coding a web page specifically for iPhone

Opportunities – If successful could prove to be very popular with users of the website

Threats – time constraints, limited knowledge of PHP could hinder creation of app

PEST Analysis

Political – Record collecting for the most part will not affect anyone too much in a political sense, and the web app that I am creating will not be political in the least sense.

Economical – There is an audience that would enjoy using this app, and I feel that they would benefit from being able to use it on the move on their iPhone.

Social – Omitting forum from main site, but aim of app is to offer aspects of site that would be most useful to be accessed from a mobile

Technological – Obviously only iPhone users will be able to use, and given that, iPhone users who collect metal/hardcore/punk vinyl.  This enables me to create a very specific user profile, which is an advantage.

I will also be creating a blogging about a Gantt Chart later on in the week, this is another thing Scott introduced to us today, and this will come in handy when it comes to keeping the creation of our prototypes on schedule.

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  1. “Technological – Obviously only iPhone users will be able to use”
    not necessarily… if you’re essentially making a trimmed down web page that is optimised for a mobile device with the dimensions of an iphone then it may also be of use for other smartphone/PDA users…
    for example, the iPhone facebook app works nicely on a G1… 😀

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