Here’s a quick SWOT and PEST analysis of my project.



  • Dynamic content production
  • Quick development of web apps
  • User management possibilities


  • Ruby on Rails is sometimes considered to be labour intensive for the user’s machine
  • Does not work on all web servers


  • Ruby on Rails is a popular new method of development so there is a great deal of support available
  • Speed of development could result in more frequently changing applications


  • Ruby could fall out of use and web server could stop accommodating for it
  • Twitter planning on migrating away from Ruby on Rails may impact on use of the code

PEST Analysis


  • Artist may produce some controversial work resulting in censorship issues
  • Users may comment inappropriately and cause offence. Again, censorship issues may ensue


  • Potential for community building through the website starting from comments pages


  • Possibility for sales of work through the website
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship


  • The vast majority of public have internet access
  • Website will work on most web browsers
  • Website will be accessible in most common resolutions

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