Deep Thought… Project Analysis

On looking at the slides from last weeks session, I went about trying to break down and analyse my project using a number of the different frameworks outline including SWOT and PEST.



  • Compatibility mans it should reach satisfy the largest potential audience possible. Flash is quite adaptable and by downloading flash player results can be viewed on OSX, Windows and various Linux distos.
  • Potentially already established target audience through fan-base of my client.
  • The development of this DVD could serve to produce a template that could be applied to other artist and projects in the future.
  • Relatively low development costs.
  • Large Flash community with a plethora of online and print information and help available.


  • Limited initial market.
  • Can’t guarantee platform compatibility, especially with mobile devices where formats could change rapidly.
  • If there was a need for mass duplication of the final DVD the costs for this could prove to be quite expensive.
  • Limitations of DVDs as a format.
  • Either a computer or a DVD player is necessary to initially access the content, can’t be transferred/ accessed directly on mobile devices. 
  • Difficult to quickly change or update content.


  • Specific target audience.
  • Promotes myself within the industry.
  • Enhance the functionality of the DVD.
  • Provides a replicable format.


  • Compatibility / usability issues with multiple formats.
  • Reliant on some externally produced content.
  • Dependent on the quality, and success of the musician as to how wide-spread the product is distributed.
  • Would need to outsource mass DVD reproduction.



  • Some users of the product will be part of the structure of record labels/ music industry the politics of this may come in to play e.g adhering to in-house styles and preferences.


  • Music industry professionals look at product as a potential indicator as to the economic viability of an artist.
  • Initially unlikely, but the project could potentially reach a stage where by it becomes a commodity that fans of the artist would purchase.


  • Music lovers / musical experts.
  • Want interactivity.
  • Social networking.


  • Early adopters.
  • Technically capable / literate.
  • Use multiple platforms / devices e.g. PC, DVD player and a mobile phone to view content.


  • Specific: Appeals to, and satisfy the needs of two specific groups of people.
  • Measurable: Feedback from clients / users via a forum or questionnaire?
  • Attainable: Achievable objectives and possible to produce given resources and time-frame.
  • Realistic: Designed using readily available software e.g. Flash, Adobe Encore etc. Existing readily available and well supported delivery medium of DVD.
  • Time-Limited: Outside of the constraints of the assignment deadline I would have to work to the time-scale of my client, especially if there is a specific time that the DVD’s need to be sent to record labels etc. For me as a freelancer, TIME=MONEY. 

Defining The Project- TIME. SCOPE, COST.

  • Time: Fairly short development period. However involves time-consuming tasks such as reversioning content for various platforms, possibility of completion clause in the contact with my client.
  • Scope: IN – Producing a hybrid DVD, optimising content, making menus, animations etc.
  • Scope: Out – Making promotional website / social networking page, producing some of the content, disc duplication etc.
  • Cost: Software + Hardware, could be quite expensive however I already own the relevant equipment and software to produce the project, consumables for example blank disks to show the client drafts however this is low as the media is cheap.


My project does not have many risks in terms of health of safety but here are a few remote possibilities.


  • I have identified the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) sitting and typing, staring at a screen and operating a computer for long periods of time.
  • Efforts to minimise risks : Taking regular brakes from working at the computer and walking around this takes me away from the screen and allows me to change my posture.
  •  Adusting my positioning of seat, keyboard / mouse  and monitor until I feel I am in a comfortable posture.
  • Blinking regularly to keep my eyes refreshed.  Have an eye break focusing them at a distant point. Adjusting settings on the monitor so that text is clear and I do not have to strain to read it.

Electrical Malfunction

  • It is possible given that I have a lot of electrical eequipment in one place that there may be an electrical malfunction. Especially given that I have many running from a single power socket.
  • Control measures: Turning off / unplugging eequipment when not in use. Using a residual current detector and surge protector to help keep eequipment safe. I have a fire extinguisher available that is suitable for electrical fires.

Some none health and saftey related issues:

  • Data Loss: I backup project files in case of power surge/drive failure.
  • Issues with software: Consulting project documentation/ user guides.

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