Thoughts on plagiarism:

Need as with reports, essays, and other forms of academic work to correctly reference the work of others within your project. The recommended form for this is using the Havard method of citation .

When writing and developing code, care too must be taken to properly acknowledge the work of others. Further to the tradition form of referencing in the academic fashion it is also often both possible and advantageous to references withing the work itself. For example when working on code, in my case actionscript for flash, I could comment on what various portions of the code do. This allows me to show that I understand the code and its application. Similarly by using this method I could signpost where I have either directly used code or modified code from another source. Whilst I will be doing this with flash, it is also possible to do a similar thing in most other common programming languages. I am also aware that as far as my project is concerned, its generally quite difficult to see something that has been developed in flash and to directly see how this effect was produced. Unlike say with html code I cannot simply click view source and see the code behind the magic. Due to this I almost automatically have to think how with my experience of Flash I would go about achieving a similar effect. Whilst I have the end result as a template on which to work back from, there may be many ways of reaching the same or similar effect. Even if not copying the code word for word, I need to make sure that I reference the original to show where I started out from. It is not enough to change a few names or tags within the code and to declare it an original work. It is only if you take a basic concept, utilise its basic principals, but essentially rework/redesign it that you don’t have to references the original. I however even in thes situation would probably go with the side of caution and either provide a reference or some other form of acknowledgment of the original inspiration for the idea.

The other angle we discussed in todays session, and it was one that I had not previously put much thought into was protecting my own work. In producing a new work I may wish to protect my intellectual property rights. We outlined a few methods that may help us with this including, emailing a copy of the work to ourselves.


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