Employability factor…

As I have previously discussed, my project for this module consists of various new areas that clearly demonstrate an enhanced learning of my personal design skills and capabilities. I wish to draw upon trends in the new media industries and the skills required by potential employers, therefore increasing my employment possibilities after graduation. By taking an approach as to what could be done differently, could I do this particular job differently, does it fill a gap…ensures I am keeping positive and enthusiastic about my work.

My idea, a website based on the latest news in urban music culture (specifically electronic dance music), has been created in-order to offer targeted audiences regular updates of all the latest news and events occurring within these scenes. I feel by creating a simplistic website that is easy, minimal and clear to follow, enables all readers to easily understand the content on screen.

I researched my targeted audience prior to the production of the website, gaining all the necessary information that is required, ensuring my designs meet the user’s needs comfortably. My motivation and interests for the audiences needs are to inform and promote new music and artists that they may not currently be aware of. This will help increase an underground producer’s fan base, having their music heard worldwide.

The average age group of my target audience will be from 16+, of both genders and all ethnicities. Their occupations could be in almost any field, however predominantly students and other musicians/deejay’s currently involved in this particular scene. The family may have either a higher, middle or lower class background, with an average income ranging from less than £12,000 a year. A technical profile of my targeted demographics may refer to early adopters and early majority. The internet use can be both PC and MAC, with broadband or dial-up services, baring in mind the simplicity of the site.


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