The value of a developer to prospective employers relies quite heavily on the ability to embrace change as standards shift and technologies evolve. I believe an open-minded approach to web development is essential especially with the amount of new platforms emerging on a yearly basis. Two years ago we weren’t aware how big mobile Safari would be or mobile internet in general. The developers behind the apps available for the iPhone have had to adapt their skills in order to become successful in this arena. Objective C isn’t a language that many people are familiar with, however due to its similarity to C++, it has been studied and more importantly, embraced. The same goes for Ruby on Rails. Ruby is said to have quite strong similarities to Perl which is a fairly widely used programming language. After being coupled with Rails, its potential has grown tenfold, now being used in web applications where previously, developers would be using PHP.

On a personal level, the fact I chose to throw myself in at the deep end with a language I have never even SEEN before is perhaps testament to my ability to accept change and force the development of my skills.

On a client-developer level, I feel I have done the project justice, allowing Jonathan access to a wider audience and a platform for self-promotion. He is now able to display his work to anyone who visits the site and is provided with a tool with which to document his professional activity.

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