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What is required in the industry

After researching current job opportunities I have found these skills to be required (not all of them being coding abilities, and others requiring more graphical knowledge and skills then webdesign.):

 Junior Web Developer requires 

· Proven experience
· Creative interface design skills
· PhotoShop skills. Flash skills
· Code experience – HTML, CSS and JavaScript are desirable
– attention to detail,
· Knowledge of best practices in web design, usability and accessibility.

Web and Graphic Designer 

Graphic Designer 60%1.Working as part of the design team, the successful candidate will be providing exciting graphics to help promote outdoor solutions to external clients and communicate information across the company.
2. A key part of your job is to create mock-up visuals of advertising campaigns and prepare presentation graphics for the sales team to take to meetings.
3. As a member of the design team, you will use your skills to work on pitch documents, company media days and product launches.
4. The position is suitable to designers who are able to work in a fast paced sales driven environment and understand the particular qualities necessary for success in the role.
5. As an in-house designer you will be expected to assistant in all day-to-day design jobs and share the responsibility for ad-hoc briefs.
6. You will be working with the junior sales assistants to train them on simple Photoshop tasks.
Key Design Skills Required• Good command of standard Mac design packages such as Photoshop, Illustrator, In-design and/or Quark Express.
• PowerPoint and/or Keynote for presentational support.
• Good photographic re-touching skills.
• Ability to archive design work in a logical and methodical manner.
• Motion graphics, 3D, video editing and filming skills would be a benefit but not essential (as full training will be provided in these areas).
Web Designer 40%

The marketing department is also expanding how we use e-marketing techniques and web design to communicate to our clients. We are looking for the successful candidate to help us with this exciting and dynamic field of the company’s marketing.

1. Working with both the design team and external agencies to update and develop the company’s website.
2. Designing and building new sections and micro-sites as well as improving the user experience and flexibility of existing sections.
3. Creating HTML emails announcing new events and initiatives to our clients, backed up by online registration systems, surveys etc.

Key Web Skills Required

• A strong understanding of the possibilities and potential of online content.
• A good grasp of website technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) as well as a understanding of the differences between designing for online versus other media.
• Knowledge of Flash, PHP and MYSQL is definitely an advantage.

Key Personal Skills

• Great communication skills are essential, with the ability to take accurate briefs from meetings and respond in timely turnarounds.
• Active partaking in brainstorming sessions.
• Realistically dealing and managing expectations.
• Keeping team members updated on progress of projects.
• Using design time effectively to juggle workloads and incoming briefs.
• The ability to work with minimal supervision.
• Enthusiasm and the ability to be highly self-motivated are essential in the position. 


Web designer 

XHTML , Strong CSS, DHTML, Strong JavaScript, Understanding of AJAX, XSLT
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, Experience with Microsoft CMS are required.

 Junior Web designer 

Excellent Photoshop, Illustrator and design for Flash essential. Agency background is desirable and knowledge of AfterEffects would be a bonus.

 Web designer 

Exercise your knowledge of Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator and Flash, show creative flair and generate innovative ideas. An understanding of ActionScript, HTML & CSS would also be an advantage.

Web Designer 

You will need to have experience of HTML/CSS, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash with at least a basic knowledge of Actionscript 2.0. Your portfolio will demonstrate your abilities with all the above packages and show us that you have a real eye for design.


Advice in Finding a New Media Job

One of the main pieces of advice you will be given when looking for either a new job or work experience, is to always phone the company you are interested in working for and be knowledgeable about what they do. Even though the new media industry is mainly based online this is still the case, as they are just as unlikely to respond to any email you send.

The Number One Skill?
Web designer and developer D. Keith Robinson believes that all new media professionals need to become adaptable, as this is the number one skill they will require. “We learn guidelines and best practices (remember there are no rules yet) and then we learn how to get around them, or adapt them to suit our needs and meet the goals of the projects we work on.”

Skills to Make you Employable 
The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is a US association of more than 5,200 college career services professionals. NACE has compiled a list of the twenty top personal qualities/skills that employers request the most.

1. Analytical skills
2. Communication skills
3. Computer skills
4. Creativity
5. Detail-oriented
6. Entrepreneurial skills/risk-taker
7. Flexibility/adaptability
8. Friendly/outgoing personality
9. Honesty/integrity
10. Interpersonal skills
11. Leadership and management skills
12. Motivation/initiative
13. Organizational and time management skills
14. Real Life Experiences
15. Self-confidence
16. Strong work ethic
17. Tactfulness
18. Teamwork skills
19. Technical Skills
20. Well-mannered/polite

Tips for graduates
Although the majority of new media professionals tend to be self-taught, according to Paul Farrer, chief executive of the Graduate Recruitment Company (GRC), there has been a rise of 17% in the number of media jobs taking on graduates.

Natasha Bergg, a work place coordinator and recruitment communicator at the BBC, advises that although a degree isn’t compulsory on your CV, they do look for relevant skills, experience and an obvious passion for your area. So, make sure you know everything there is to know about your area and have a portfolio of your skills.

As a staring point, you can keep up-to-date with the latest in new media news at MediaGuardian.

Guillaume Piot – Web Designer

Guillaume Piot is currently running a web design and development company based in Birmingham, trading as Clownfish Design. In this blog, Guillaume will write about web technologies and practices, which contributes to the learning process of the Web & New Media Degree at U.C.E.

Topics will range from PHP and AJAX developement, to search engine optimization and online marketing.