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Three loose ideas

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with this assignment, and I have come up with a few very vague ideas. I think whatever I do I am going to have to learn a new programming language by the looks of things, so it’s going to be either AJAX, Ruby or ActionScript 3.

Not so long ago I saw something in a Web Design special of Computer Arts about Microsoft’s Silverlight 2, specifically an item on Deep Zoom (an example can be seen from the link). I liked the idea of being able to create a portfolio that was more like a real-world exhibition and apparently, Silverlight is the way to do that. I am not sure I would want to create a portfolio site, but perhaps an exhibition would work well if I can find an artist who wants to show something off.

Ruby on Rails is a recent web development framework that essentially borrows bits and pieces from other programming languages in the hope of creating something simpler and easier to understand. The examples of work I have seen that use RoR have been quite clever, for example; allows users to create custom maps based predicably on Google Maps. People have posted various different kinds of maps including favourite drinking spots, locations of celebrities, etc.

The last thing I considered was creating an Adobe AIR application, but again I am unsure of what kind of app I would like to produce. I find the AIR apps really convenient and undemanding of system resources, so they effortlessly run in the background. One I use very frequently is Twhirl, a desktop Twitter client. Another advantage with this method of app creation is that the language is universal to Windows and Unix. 

A fair bit to think about! I think I will need to see how much learning will be involved in each of these languages. I already know a little ActionScript, but my experience is quite minimal.