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disappointed :(

…with the lack of, well, any work done in the last week.
one student out of the four that turned up had prepared a workshop for peeps to do… one! 😦

so, plenty for peeps to be getting on with in the next week! your draft pitches await you then!!!


learning to scammper

today a technique for generating innovative ideas was introduced- SCAMMPER:

  • Substitute
  • Combine
  • Adapt
  • Magnify
  • Modify
  • Put (to other uses)
  • Eliminate or minify
  • Reverse

any thoughts?

another day, another dollar…

another year, and a whole new bunch of students with a whole new bunch of ideas…

so far we have interest in mobile apps, web plug-ins, RSS feeds, even a new skin for our very own wordpress blog… so should be some good work coming out of this lot!

anyway, i’ll let them get the ball rolling over the next week and stop waffling…

peace out