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This week Scott has been telling us all about plagiarism and how to avoid it in our work. As I will be creating a flash project and using ActionScript coding I will need to be very careful that I am not taking someone else’s code. When creating my project I will be looking at other peoples work as inspiration but where do you draw the line between inspiration and copying? When creating my project I will be looking at other people’s code to figure out how they did it and then take the knowledge I have gained from their code and create my own. This is a clear way of avoiding plagiarism.

I will be keeping a log book of all the code I will be using to help me avoid plagiarising. In the log book I will show how I have developed my understanding of ActionScript and how I created my own coding. Another way in which I will show my understanding of the code I use will be to add comments within the code to explain each part. This will allow the user to see that I have a clear understanding of what I have put and why I have used that particular code.

Very Brief Flash Intro

Flash is an extremely flexible tool that has perhaps been most commonly used and associated with the creation of graphic and content rich-websites. Flash was previously Macromedia branded and now comes under the Adobe brand umbrella. It is a program that allows for a mix of point and click graphical tools, similar to graphic applications (e.g. Photoshop) and a code based interface in the form of Actionscript. In recent years the use of Flash for multimedia based websites has boomed, perhaps partly due to the wide-spread take up of broadband Internet and faster home computers. For me one of the most interesting features of Flash is that it can be used to create scalable content for a great variety of devices and platforms. Everything from interactive informational kiosks to mobile phones have utilised Flash. I intend to use Flash for my project as it should enable me to produce menu that will be both visually attractive and provide easy access to the variety of content on offer within my DVD.


Flash Logo

Flash Logo

Three loose ideas

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with this assignment, and I have come up with a few very vague ideas. I think whatever I do I am going to have to learn a new programming language by the looks of things, so it’s going to be either AJAX, Ruby or ActionScript 3.

Not so long ago I saw something in a Web Design special of Computer Arts about Microsoft’s Silverlight 2, specifically an item on Deep Zoom (an example can be seen from the link). I liked the idea of being able to create a portfolio that was more like a real-world exhibition and apparently, Silverlight is the way to do that. I am not sure I would want to create a portfolio site, but perhaps an exhibition would work well if I can find an artist who wants to show something off.

Ruby on Rails is a recent web development framework that essentially borrows bits and pieces from other programming languages in the hope of creating something simpler and easier to understand. The examples of work I have seen that use RoR have been quite clever, for example; allows users to create custom maps based predicably on Google Maps. People have posted various different kinds of maps including favourite drinking spots, locations of celebrities, etc.

The last thing I considered was creating an Adobe AIR application, but again I am unsure of what kind of app I would like to produce. I find the AIR apps really convenient and undemanding of system resources, so they effortlessly run in the background. One I use very frequently is Twhirl, a desktop Twitter client. Another advantage with this method of app creation is that the language is universal to Windows and Unix. 

A fair bit to think about! I think I will need to see how much learning will be involved in each of these languages. I already know a little ActionScript, but my experience is quite minimal.