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More problems…

I’ll start with the good news first. That being, my site is almost fully complete with content available on every page, navigation is working fine and rollovers, links, etc all in place. I have been completing my log book accordingly, following a list of tasks assigned to be completed on a weekly basis. My current and final task now refers to the completion of RSS feeds.

My original intention was to have a page dedicated to RSS feeds, in which readers gain content quickly and with ease from other similar music web pages. However, I have been having problems when inputting codes into Dreamweaver. I had researched how to create RSS feeds and was planning on inputting the code of a similar working concept, then making my own, necessary in avoiding plagiarism. However, I was having serious coding problems which I genuinely didn’t know how to fix.

Having left his task to last has been yet another downfall on behalf of my poor time management skills. I simply ran out of time, having spent a considerable amount of time on editing table widths and sizes instead (due to problems occurring in this area). This weakness is something I will need to focus on when completing any future design in web and new media.


Draft Proposal

My project for this module shall consist of various new areas that will demonstrate an enhanced learning of my personal design skills and capabilities. As previously discussed, I wish to draw upon trends in the new media industries and the skills required by potential employers, therefore creating an original and creative project that will benefit future design I complete.

My idea, although not entirely original, consists of the production of a website that revolves around hot topics of music culture, specifically looking within sub-cultures of urban and electronic dance music. I intend to create the website through the use of Adobe Photoshop Elements, Macromedia Fireworks and Dreamweaver MX, using HTML and PHP as my style of editing codes. I intend to incorporate a sufficient use of media content, in particular a high ratio of images, thus enhancing the visual presentation of my site, avoiding the plain and boring elements that a heavy text page can display.

I feel my main technical objective here will be the combination of HTML and PHP, as discussed above. I have researched how it is possible to incorporate PHP into a HTML document, a simple yet effective tool in creating effective and dynamic web pages. By researching appropriate literature regarding how to use and understand PHP, I demonstrate a keen desire in obtaining my personal and technical objectives. After a sufficient understanding has been met, I will look at creating tables, (through the use of combined coding) in which to display my content. Whilst creating my site, I wish to develop my technical skills in coding, using comments in my PHP codes to my advantage. A code that seems clear at the time of design can often cause confusion at a later date, an aspect I have experienced in my previous designs. Therefore, seeing as PHP ignores any text comments in a script, I will consider applying occasional memos in-order to make my codes more readable. This area refers to how I wish to develop my professional objectives in terms of web and new media design, as I shall be learning new programming techniques in regards to PHP and its language.

I also wish to incorporate the use of RSS feeds into my site, thus allowing a frequent update of content made accessible to users visiting the site. Content may be taken directly from other sources, thus creating an online archive of recent news and events within music culture. In other words, the main objective for my website is to display a collection of news and media associated content under one address, allowing readers to find all the information they need on one site. This will take a significant amount of research into other competitors who provide reliable and interesting information on the topics I wish to discuss. I shall conduct detailed analyses of existing websites, studying the type of news articles and media content they each provide, thus gaining an overall perspective of what is most appealing to a market. This draws upon past research methods I have conducted, specifically secondary techniques that lead to a well researched and valuable new media project.

Site Map Example:


Wireframe Example:


Another reason to go Mac.

After some further research on PHP, I discovered that Mac OS X comes with Apache server as standard and enabling it is as simple as checking the box next to ‘Personal Web Sharing’ in the ‘Sharing’ section of System Preferences. Once you have done this you can place files in /Library/WebServer/Documents to access them on your server. I also learnt that Mac OS X does come with PHP, however the installation lacks any significant quantity of extensions, so it’s still worth downloading the complete XAMPP package I have previously discussed.

rough ideas

I’ve chosen to study this module in-order to improve my skills on web design and gain beneficial techniques for future web design I intend to complete. Early ideas for this assignment are to create a website focusing on urban music/culture/fashion with regular updates and news to appropriate audiences. With the use of RRS feeds, I intend to incorporate relevant topics on the cultures and scenes focused on, also including video, mp3 and other media associated content. Ideas are  still rough at the moment, I may base the website on a specific genre of music that is popular amongst communites, whom each share a strong presence on existing forums and sites online.  Perhaps gain user interaction with forums, in which it will be possible for readers to discuss and share topics in a social networking style? As I said, ideas are still rough but after some further research I will come up with something solid!