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Finally, I have now completed my prototype website. Each page has substantial content and can be navigated with ease, considering my poor time management and problems that have played effect. Testing has been taking place and has been successful so far. Fortunately the majority of my tables have been broken up into smaller content, allowing users to view content almost immediately. I have previewed my pages in Internet Explorer, giving me the opportunity to see any technical problems and mistakes, such as broken links, uneven tables, etc. All have been fixed accordingly. Unfortunately I have had problems with uploading my site live through a free host. However, all pages can be viewed and navigated on a disc provided with my report.


More problems…

I’ll start with the good news first. That being, my site is almost fully complete with content available on every page, navigation is working fine and rollovers, links, etc all in place. I have been completing my log book accordingly, following a list of tasks assigned to be completed on a weekly basis. My current and final task now refers to the completion of RSS feeds.

My original intention was to have a page dedicated to RSS feeds, in which readers gain content quickly and with ease from other similar music web pages. However, I have been having problems when inputting codes into Dreamweaver. I had researched how to create RSS feeds and was planning on inputting the code of a similar working concept, then making my own, necessary in avoiding plagiarism. However, I was having serious coding problems which I genuinely didn’t know how to fix.

Having left his task to last has been yet another downfall on behalf of my poor time management skills. I simply ran out of time, having spent a considerable amount of time on editing table widths and sizes instead (due to problems occurring in this area). This weakness is something I will need to focus on when completing any future design in web and new media.

Progress reporting…

Where shall I start. I am heavily into the production stages of my website, having created each page through the use of tables in Dreamweaver. Content is being added gradually, predominantly picture images designed in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

I have altered the original mock-up into a more simplistic and clear layout, now having the following pages on my site:

–    News
–    Reviews
–    Releases
–    Features
–    Links
–    RSS

I reduced the number of pages due to poor time management skills on my own behalf. Content is being added to every page, in the forms of images and text. I am trying to keep a fairly even ratio of text / images, necessary in following my proposal adequately.

However, the main issue I am having refers to the PHP elements I am wishing to incorporate. Having researched PHP throughout previous weeks in the course, I felt comfortable with incorporating an area of the hyper text to my site, intending to have code in the middle of my content, keeping the overall per-page overhead down. I had researched that Mac OS X comes with an Apache server as standard, placing files easily in /Library/WebServer/Documents when accessing them on my server. I also learnt that Mac OS X does come with PHP, however the installation lacks a significant quantity of extensions and so it’s necessary to download the complete XAMPP package I had researched previously.

As intended, I downloaded the XAMPP package from here: Choose “XAMPP Mac OS X”

However, when trying to install and run the program, I was receiving technical errors that caused my system to crash consistently. The only problem I could think of was that there may be an issue with having parallels running on my Mac simultaneously. Considering all my design is completed through Dreamweaver on parallels, I had no other option but to disregard my PHP ideas, due to the errors frequently occurring when trying to install the XAMPP package. This is obviously a big disadvantage in terms of what I have proposed for my website. If my time had been managed accordingly, this risk assessment could have perhaps been overcome. However, I shall continue with completion of my website to the best of my abilities.