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Analysis and Objectives!

Smart Objectives



  • The CD-ROM portfolio is targeted at a specific group of people (potential employers) and will display the work of one person to reach out to the potential employers.


  • The CD-ROM will be shown to media professionals in the area of my clients work to see if it meets the objectives.


  • I am capable of creating a CD-ROM and using Flash as I have done it before. My challenge will be to increase upon the knowledge that I already have in this area to create a better project.


  • I have access to Flash at university and help is always available if I need it. I will be able to create my CD-ROM as I have access to these things. There are many tutorials online that I can learn from and gain new skills to help me create my project.


  • I will need to finish the project before week 13 in January when the project will be handed in. However, it should be completed before this as I will need time for testing.



Swot Analysis



  • Having the portfolio on a CD-ROM will allow the user to access my work with the internet and it can be transportable.
  • As the portfolio is not on the internet the user will not be distracted by other websites or portfolios when viewing the CD-ROM.
  • When creating the CD-ROM I can develop upon the Flash and ActionScript skills that I already have.
  • I could use the Flash portfolio as a Flash website. It could be transferred and used for the web in the future if needed.



  • As the portfolio is on CD-ROM the user may forget about it or even lose it. I will create an eye-catching design for the cover of the CD-ROM so it stays in the users mind.
  • If more work needs to be added to the CD-ROM, new copies will need to be made and the old ones will be wasted.



  • The CD-ROM will help me to gain a job/career.
  • It will show the users not just my work that will be displayed on the CD-ROM but also my Flash skills.



  • The work that is displayed on the CD-ROM could be copied. I will need to insure that it is copyrighted. To help avoid this situation I could watermark my work. However, this may not be very appealing to potential employers.



Pest Analysis



  • N/A


  • A job/career could be gained from the CD-ROM portfolio.


  • Logo or work shown on CD-ROM could be offensive to others.
  • Contacts could be made from the distribution of the CD-ROM.


  • The target audience for my CD-ROM should have access to a computer to view the CD-ROM.
  • The CD is an older form of disk that stores digital data; therefore a CD drive is standard on most computers.