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Shoulders of Giants Business…


During today’s lecture, I presented my SWOT, PEST and risk assessment areas that were completed during last week’s class. This was useful in describing and highlighting key areas of my website for analysis.

After the presentation, I then began looking at existing websites that related to the concepts and ideas of my own project. I looked for specific areas that could well be used for my own project, however designed and completed in my own way.

I looked at the following websites for areas of design and coding that I found appealing:

An area on Uptown Records which I found appealing consisted of an animated scroller, displaying the images of recent vinyl releases in the dubstep and grime music genres. When hovering over a desirable vinyl, the scroller pauses, allowing the reader time to take in the information and description of the record. Considering my website will have a large focus area on new releases, this may well be something worth considering.

Areas on the other web pages which I found appealing referred to RSS applications, a key area that I wish to incorporate into my website. In the next week, I shall look at what and how this specific tool does what it does and the principles used to do so. This may take some research into the design and coding elements, as I will need to learn and develop my own skills in-order to achieve the embedment of RSS feeds successfully.

During the last part of the class, I was informed of plagiarism and the serious effects it can have on my work. Scott informed how important it is to understand plagiarism and to avoid doing so within our projects. If I were to copy and paste the code of a similar working concept, taking in mind the principles of how it works, as long as I were to make a new code that works In a similar style, I avoid any form of plagiarism. By keeping a record of all coding I do throughout the production stages of my project, I develop a log book which clearly justifies my progress so far. A comment within coding is also another useful method, therefore highlighting to a reader the construction of your own personal work.



This week Scott has been telling us all about plagiarism and how to avoid it in our work. As I will be creating a flash project and using ActionScript coding I will need to be very careful that I am not taking someone else’s code. When creating my project I will be looking at other peoples work as inspiration but where do you draw the line between inspiration and copying? When creating my project I will be looking at other people’s code to figure out how they did it and then take the knowledge I have gained from their code and create my own. This is a clear way of avoiding plagiarism.

I will be keeping a log book of all the code I will be using to help me avoid plagiarising. In the log book I will show how I have developed my understanding of ActionScript and how I created my own coding. Another way in which I will show my understanding of the code I use will be to add comments within the code to explain each part. This will allow the user to see that I have a clear understanding of what I have put and why I have used that particular code.