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Testing Plan

When I have created my beta I will need to follow a testing plan to ensure that it created a strong flash portfolio for my client. I will need to test that it works correctly and that it satisfies the needs of the end user and my client. I will also be using Jacob Nielsen’s ‘6 quality components’ as an aid to helping me with my testing.

These 6 quality components are:


I have created a 3 step process to follow to prepare me for my testing after the beta has been created. These steps are:

Step 1: Test the CD-ROM myself

I will be checking the CD-ROM to make sure each page; button and other functions work as they should. This will avoid these errors appearing when the sample tests the CD-ROM.

Step 2: Instructions & Questionnaire

The next step will be to create a set of instructions for the testing sample to follow when testing the CD-ROM. Then when the user has finished testing the CD-ROM they will need to fill out a questionnaire that I will create in as part of this second step. When creating the questionnaire I need to take into account that I am not there to observe, therefore I will need to have open-ended as well as closed questions. This will help me to see if a few people in the sample found areas harder then other as they have the room to state this in the questionnaire.

Step 3: Sample Testing (Target Audience)

Find a group of 10 people to test the CD-ROM portfolio. These will need to be a representative sample of my target audience. However, it will be hard to get hold of 10 media professionals to look at the CD-ROM so I will be showing my work to people of a similar age and location.

There are some contacts that I have made that fit into this target audience. I will be giving them the CD-ROM to look at and a questionnaire to fill in once completed. If I am unable to provide them will the CD-ROM, I will send them the finished Flash file via e-mail along with instructions and the questionnaire.