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Analysis and Objectives!

Smart Objectives



  • The CD-ROM portfolio is targeted at a specific group of people (potential employers) and will display the work of one person to reach out to the potential employers.


  • The CD-ROM will be shown to media professionals in the area of my clients work to see if it meets the objectives.


  • I am capable of creating a CD-ROM and using Flash as I have done it before. My challenge will be to increase upon the knowledge that I already have in this area to create a better project.


  • I have access to Flash at university and help is always available if I need it. I will be able to create my CD-ROM as I have access to these things. There are many tutorials online that I can learn from and gain new skills to help me create my project.


  • I will need to finish the project before week 13 in January when the project will be handed in. However, it should be completed before this as I will need time for testing.



Swot Analysis



  • Having the portfolio on a CD-ROM will allow the user to access my work with the internet and it can be transportable.
  • As the portfolio is not on the internet the user will not be distracted by other websites or portfolios when viewing the CD-ROM.
  • When creating the CD-ROM I can develop upon the Flash and ActionScript skills that I already have.
  • I could use the Flash portfolio as a Flash website. It could be transferred and used for the web in the future if needed.



  • As the portfolio is on CD-ROM the user may forget about it or even lose it. I will create an eye-catching design for the cover of the CD-ROM so it stays in the users mind.
  • If more work needs to be added to the CD-ROM, new copies will need to be made and the old ones will be wasted.



  • The CD-ROM will help me to gain a job/career.
  • It will show the users not just my work that will be displayed on the CD-ROM but also my Flash skills.



  • The work that is displayed on the CD-ROM could be copied. I will need to insure that it is copyrighted. To help avoid this situation I could watermark my work. However, this may not be very appealing to potential employers.



Pest Analysis



  • N/A


  • A job/career could be gained from the CD-ROM portfolio.


  • Logo or work shown on CD-ROM could be offensive to others.
  • Contacts could be made from the distribution of the CD-ROM.


  • The target audience for my CD-ROM should have access to a computer to view the CD-ROM.
  • The CD is an older form of disk that stores digital data; therefore a CD drive is standard on most computers.


Planning and Managing Projects

Planning and managing projects can sound really dull and it almost certainly makes you think of piles and piles of administrative paperwork. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be, in fact when you are working on your own or in small groups; I think you can do too much planning and managing. Planning is always good, but if you do too much it can start to detract from your final outcome. You get set in stone and try to work around your planning in order to make it fit your project instead of using that time creatively on your project.

There are many tools and charts out there that will help you manage your projects. But if you were to use all of them, you could do nothing but plan. I think it’s important to filter out and selectively decide what planning and management you want to apply to a particular project. There was a great article on FreelanceSwitch the other day about pricing freelance work. This could be applied directly to you planning of the project, larger expensive projects involving a lot of work needs to planned more carefully than quick and cheap work.

I have personally found that most of the planning that you do with using charts is exactly the same planning that goes on in your head when you start thinking of a project. Most of these criteria are the source of your project idea. Why did you get the idea ion the first place, because you saw some kind of gab in the market or someone asked you to do it.

I think these charts are great for larger projects to manage people and tasks. For freelancers and smaller companies I think there main use is to show to clients. It shows that you are professional and they can see approximately how long a project will take.

I have included some of my charts below which I have made to analyse my WordPress Theme project. I’m glad that I didn’t do this at the beginning of my project, because I think that would have limited my creative process. I simply didn’t know enough about the possibilities of this projects until I started working with it in detail.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis measures a business unit, a proposition or idea; a PEST analysis below measures a market.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Better usability
  • Easier to navigate
  • Better design
  • Improved author profiles
  • Niche market
  • Content specific
  • Limited scope for design
  • Customization could break layout
  • WordPress specific
  • Small market
  • Can’t offer 24/7 support
Opportunities Threats
  • Expandable market
  • Community development
  • Limited competitions
  • Self branding
  • Recognition
  • Competitors
  • Future software upgrades
  • Untested model

PEST Analysis

The PEST analysis measures the market and the users of your product.

Political Economical
  • GPL Licensing
  • Open Source Movement
  • Comment moderation
  • Freelancers
  • Web Professionals
Social Technological
  • Bloggers
  • Online community users
  • Open Source movement
  • Form strong community bonds
  • Tech savvy
  • WordPress users
  • Untested model

Gantt Chart

Developed by Henry Gantt as a tool for displaying the progression of a project.


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So much analysing

Today Scott introduced and reintroduced use to a few methods of being able to analyis our projects and from these analyses determine wether our projects are on the right track, and what we can do to improve them and to create them to the best of our abilities.  Below you will find two quick analyses that I did in todays lecture, they are SWOT & PEST analyses:

SWOT Analysis

Strengths – Good knowledge of both web site & HTML, CSS, access to lots of useful documentation from apple web app dev center & also dashcode application

Weaknesses – Site uses PHP, very limited knowledge of this, first time coding a web page specifically for iPhone

Opportunities – If successful could prove to be very popular with users of the website

Threats – time constraints, limited knowledge of PHP could hinder creation of app

PEST Analysis

Political – Record collecting for the most part will not affect anyone too much in a political sense, and the web app that I am creating will not be political in the least sense.

Economical – There is an audience that would enjoy using this app, and I feel that they would benefit from being able to use it on the move on their iPhone.

Social – Omitting forum from main site, but aim of app is to offer aspects of site that would be most useful to be accessed from a mobile

Technological – Obviously only iPhone users will be able to use, and given that, iPhone users who collect metal/hardcore/punk vinyl.  This enables me to create a very specific user profile, which is an advantage.

I will also be creating a blogging about a Gantt Chart later on in the week, this is another thing Scott introduced to us today, and this will come in handy when it comes to keeping the creation of our prototypes on schedule.