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CD-ROM Portfolio Pitch


I will be creating a CD-ROM portfolio for a Web and New media student. The CD-ROM will showcase their work and will be given to media professionals.


I will be using a combination of Flash animation and ActionScript to create a platform to show my clients work. The use of Flash and ActionScript will help me to create a professional look as well as making the experience of viewing the CD-ROM more appealing to the eye. By using ActionScript I will be able to do more with my clients work and get the user involved with the CD-ROM. The interactivity on the CD-ROM will be subtle, as I don’t want the users attention to be taken away from my clients work.

Target Audience

My clients’ potential employers will see the CD-ROM portfolio. These creative professionals will be the target audience of the CD-ROM. As these professionals will be working in the creative industry the CD-ROM will need to draw the users attention to my clients work as they may already see many portfolios. This is a reason for using a CD-ROM to showcase my clients work as it is a different platform used in comparison to others. A CD-ROM is an object that can be given to potential employers to show who my client is and show my clients potential to be a working professional.


The design of the CD-ROM will need to show who my client is; it will display my clients personality and work ethic. The designs need to send a message to potential employers of what my client is like. The designs will incorporate a professional and clean look showing the users that my client is focused and ready to work within the creative industry.


The concept behind the design was to show my clients personality yet still keeping a professional look. This mock-up has two areas that express these sides to my client. The foreground represents my clients personality and the background represents her professional/ work ethic.


My client likes bright and bold colours, so I incorporated this into the design of the foreground and the logo design. I didn’t want to use too many colours as it would be too overpowering so I decided to use the background as a contrast with the use of the two tones of grey.


I have also created a logo for my client, the logo is simple design yet effective as it represents my client. I decided to use three colours to show the vibrant side to my client. The use of the brush strokes is a representation of my clients creativity and artistic flare.


My client wanted a consistent and simple layout; this is the reasoning for the card shaped design idea. I will be using the card shape for the navigation throughout the CD-ROM to help keep the designs consistent. The use of consistency with the design will allow the users to access any information the y need with ease and speed.

Types of CD’s

There are three types of CD that I could use to hold my clients portfolio. I need the CD-ROM to stand out from others that are sent out to potential employers by my client. I will be hoping to use a mini CD or a business card shaped CD as the novelty of a smaller CD can give my client that edge over other applicants. I will need to take into account the capacity of each type of CD as they differ from disk to disk. I will also have to take into account that the smaller novelty CD’s will not work in a slot CD drive, this limits the target audience for my client to employers with computers that have a CD tray.